Our Mission

AIM's purpose is to provide temporary emergency assistance to families threatened with homelessness, loss of power or fuel, or other temporary financial crises. We seek to keep families from being evicted or losing their electricity, to provide access to much needed medical care, and to help with essential living and work-related expenses.

Helping a family stay in their residence is of paramount importance to AIM. Roughly 95% of the clients referred to AIM are families living below the poverty line. When an emergency occurs, these families have nowhere to turn for assistance.

Helping families meet their basic housing requirements enables them to maintain their self-respect and dignity and remain self-reliant, productive citizens.

Empowering recipients to maintain integrity of lifestyle and improve their condition is an investment in family stability.

Assisting families in tangible ways as they struggle with financial emergencies is an investment in community vigor and strength.

Helping people in desperate situations maintain control over their own lives gives them hope in the possibilities of the future.Helping individuals with medical expenses, including the elderly, is essential to their health and well-being.

AIM Funding Sources

AIM is a coalition that receives financial support from 34 congregations in the City of Charlottesville & Albemarle County. These congregations provide the bulk of AIM's funding. In addition, AIM receives grants from local and family foundations, and donations from individuals, service clubs, and businesses.

AIM is grateful for all donations as client demand often exceeds available resources. Please consider a donation.